Can I watch what is playing on OSMC over my LAN?

Is there a way to watch what is playing on my Vero 4k+ (over HDMI to my TV) over my own LAN (from an android device over wifi, or similar)?

I know it’s probably a daft question but I’m hoping to mirror the visuals of what’s playing on the main TV to another screen in the same open-plan room, as I have a very annoying supporting pillar when I’m doing anything in the kitchen (and the wife and kids carry on regardless without me being able to follow what’s happening!).

It’s been nine years since we had the extension and it’s only now that my girls are watching things I’d want to watch too! First world problems, eh? :slight_smile:

Any suggestions appreciated or even just confirmation that I’m fighting a losing battle. Thanks!

Not AFAIK. It’s a feature I would really like to see, and would implement if I was clever enough :slightly_frowning_face:

Well Spice protocol should allow you to do it. But your issue is that for everything that is hardware accelerated via secure pipe you would not be able to show.

Your only option would be to use a shared database. Shortly press stop and then resume the Video on the TV and the Tablet at the same time

I thought I’d seen something on this a while back but it was Plex rather than Kodi unfortunately.

It’s the sort of thing that lends itself better to server push approach for media streams rather than client pull - Plex of course already having the headache of hardware acceleration at the backend to deal with as it does transcoding based on client capabilities.

No you would use Client to Pull. Just use Kodi on the tablet and have it use the same database as the OSMC. Then you will have on both the same restore point and can start at the same spot.

A couple of years ago we did work up how to issue json commands to two devices at once to get them in sync. On a test, after watching for an hour, there was still perfect lipsync watching one device while listening to the other.

I didn’t take it further to get one device to tell the other one where to (re)start as you would if one device was paused. And I’m not sure how this might work with live TV or interweb streams.

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Depends on the implementation I guess - the more you put in the client the more complexity there is especially as you go across more clients. If you’re running client side as the arbiter of how far through a show you are, how do you determine which is right when things go out of sync?

The API side that @grahamh mentions is interesting. Was that two Vero devices? Just thinking parallel API calls to start across 2 Veros would give even overheads (CPU processing, network latency etc.) so better chance of starting equally.

I tested one Vero + one RPi. If both are already playing a command to goto timecode X is very quick.

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Thanks for all the input. I think I’ll put this idea back in its box (and perhaps resort to using angled mirrors!).

I’ll bet that there’s some sort of workaround (that breaks my brain), with all my devices (including my TV) being android based and able to run Kodi themselves… but then that might divorce everything from OSMC and my lovely new Vero 4k+ and go completely ‘off forum’! :joy:

Having a central ‘server’ (the Vero) pushing each kodi client to play a certain file in unison (via their APIs) sounds eminently do-able (I’m a high-level application architect by trade, believe it or not).

It might then let everyone go HDMI cable free in a ‘Kodi running on a TV’ scenario, but it’s just way beyond my personal technical capabilities (and starts to sound more like Plex than Kodi too).

If all your wanting is to follow along with the video on occasion that is playing nearby and that you can hear okay then maybe the simple solution is to just enable UPnP on the Vero and then when you want to do this just use Kodi or any other compatible player to manually start the same video on the Android device. It isn’t slick but it is free, easy.

what about using Kore (kodi remote) ?
you should see what is playing…


Thanks but just being able to detect that someone else is watching something on the other device doesn’t help in this instance (as I can do that just by using my ears).

I want to be able to see the same programme or movie on another device, in the same room, so on the same LAN, as I have a blasted wall in the way (as I think I mentioned).

…unless Kore can also show the movie being played, and its actual visuals, which I can’t see an option in its interface…? Am I missing something?

You could try using a HDMI splitter and a HDMI -> Ethernet converter with converter on the other end.

Agree. Unfortunately, I can’t run wires; HDMI, ethernet or otherwise. Can’t lift the floor or go into the ceiling as the construction doesn’t allow. I’m pretty sure we’re back to Plex as the only push over a LAN possibility… and to me giving up. :rofl:

Well, you could use cable management stuff. What prevents you from putting a small hole in the ceiling? If in an apartment, you can always patch the hole when you move out.

Still don’t understand what is the difference between Plex and using Kodi on the tablet?

A huge supporting beam for one thing, and additional soundproofing that the planning guys insisted on (new regs) and then changed their minds later (it was removed from regs 3 months later, so we have a very unique construction to say the least). There’s also walls under the floor (and no way of getting under there). It’s just not worth the bother and I was looking for an over wifi and Android solution. Thanks.

Kodi can’t push whereas Plex works as a server and there’s a “push” add on.

Anyways, this all goes outside the realms of OSMC so I’m done.

Thanks again for the efforts!

One final idea, HDMI -> Ethernet -> Powerline?

Kodi can push as well but afaik only to one client. Are you sure plex can do this as this thread seems to indicate that it has not been added in the seven years since it was opened as a feature request…

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