Can my vero turn off my TV if I fall asleep in front of it?

Can the vero turn off my tv after x minutes of screensaver?

Your tv should have this option.

I would think so too but I honestly don’t know. My TV has a turn off timer but once activated the TV will turn off once the timer runs out regardless if you are in the middle of a movie or sleeping. Which isn’t ideal since it means that I would have to activate the timer just in case I fall asleep and also remember to deactivate it In case I’m still actively watching when the timer is about to run out.

I know I’m being nitpicky but with all the technology this should be doable

What is your tv brand and model? I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in the Energy or Energy savings options to turn off the tv automatically if you don’t press a button on the tv remote for a set amount of time.

Just google " auto shut off settings" and you should be able to find it pretty easilly.

The TV is a SONY Bravia KDL -46Z4500 model from 2008/2009 i think

Here is the manual:

On page 43 there is info about a sleep timer but as said its a timer you turn it on manually and if you don’t cancel it in the menu it will shut off your TV regardless of activity.

All I’d like is that if I fall asleep in front of TV with a movie playing the vero will shut off the TV lets say 30 min after screensaver is triggered.

Is there really no way to let the vero turn off TV ?

It can be done via the command line (cec-client -s).
I’m not sure if Kodi has some of this functionality built-in however.

Would it be possible to get this command triggered lets say 30 min after screensaver is engaged ?
I know you are probably too busy for feature requests but I cant imagine I’m the only guy falling asleep in front of my TV that would appreciate this

You can suspend after inactivity
This would stop sending an HDMI signal.

Does yourTV turn off after a period of no signal?

I just checked the manual and it says : If no signal is received and no action is performed in TV mode for 10 min the TV automatically switches to standby mode BUT then I suspended the vero and after 20-25 minutes now the TV is still ON.

The screen is black but in the upper left corner it says HDMI 1 (kodi)

I suspect TV mode means when TV input is selected ( cable not HDMI )

Maybe we should add an option to Suspend to turn off the TV. But it may not be ideal for other users.

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Would be great at least for me

I’m one of those this would not be ideal for, my ATV4 does this if I use its equivalent of suspend and its highly annoying.
If you do include this option can we have a way to enable/disable it please?


Assuming you’re using CEC; if “Put devices in standby mode when activating the screensaver” is checked and your TV is not turning off, maybe try the screensaver noted in the following thread:



Wow this looks promising ! Thanks !! I will look into it. Will this work on this current version of osmc ?

I don’t use that solution anymore as I now have a newer TV which shuts off using CEC when the Vero 4k puts it to sleep when any screensaver kicks in. But that specific screensaver worked fine with my old TV and the Vero 4k about 4 months ago.

Hope it works for you.