Can network shares be read-only?


Can I create a movie library from a read-only network share?

Long version:

I’m getting my Vero 4K in a bit and I was looking through the documentation and wiki, but couldn’t find an answer.
It’s explained how to add network sources and so on, but nowhere is it mentioned, if the network share can be read-only.

Where is the meta data stored (for the video library)? Locally (on the box)? On the share?

e.g. the WD TV Live box wrote the meta data in the same folder as the movie, so I was basically forced to make the share writeable.

I’d feel a lot better though, if the share were read-only.

Yes it can be read only

By default the Meta Data is stored in a SQL database on the emmc on the Vero4k.

Thank you very much.

If you download subtitles then I think they go to same location as the video - at least by default.

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Ok, but downloading subtitles is done via an Add-on, right?

I was merely talking about the creation of the video library. I usually don’t download subtitles unless the movie is missing the forced subtititles (foreign parts). Unfortunately it is rather hard to find subtitles for only the foreign parts (which is usually its own forced subtitle track on a blu-ray), so I assume the automated process to get those is also not very reliable.

I could have said “if you choose to download subtitles”.