Can no longer see osmc in windows network

hi guys I can no longer see osmc when I go into windows network I have samba installed I’m on windows 10 if that makes any difference any help would be great thanks

  1. Have you done any update recently?
  2. Is OSMC still on your network? Can you ssh into it?
  3. What does net view <IP of OSMC> executed on the windows machine show?

Had the same problem, just entered the \ip-of the pi\ and got the shares up and windows remember the pi afterwards.

It appears that Microsoft introduced an issue with SMB share browsing in the WIndows 10 November update.

There’s a loong thread about it on Technet, in which one of the microsoft devs says he can reproduce the issue - Cannot connect to CIFS / SMB / Samba Network Shares & Shared Folders in Windows 10 after update 1511/10586

You can still access the shares by using \\ip-address\osmc for example, and \\OSMC\osmc may work as well, although I find that less reliable.

@joakim_s hi mate thanks for the reply do you mean I should type EDIT /ETC/OSMC just like that ?

sorry, my sugestion was made after reading that technet forum link, but it didn’t work for me so I withdrew the post. But what i sugegsted was that the “name” inside /etc/hostname should be all uppercase.

BUT it didn’t work for me.