Can not browse to NAS share

I am unable to set up the access to the share of my NAS box with the latest OSMC for the Raspberry Pi1.

I installed the latest OSMC image (2017.07-1) but when I browsed for the NAS share
(Videos -> Files -> Add-videos -> Browse -> Windows (SMB))
the SMB workgroup of my NAS box, a WD MyCloud, did not appear.

I then installed the previous OSMC image (2017.06-1) and found that the workgroup DID appear OK, and I was able to add a share. I then ran a manual update via the My-OSMC page and the fault returned making the workgroup disappear again although the previously-added share still worked.

Is this a common problem?

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Ah thanks, I missed that when searching back. I was able to fix it by setting the max protocol to SMB1.

Settings -> Services -> SMB Client -> Max Protocol -> SMB1

Definitely non-intuitive, though, since “max protocol” implies that it should try the lesser-numbered protocols as well, anyway. So I don’t know what’s going on here. I’m surprised that this is not more of a problem since my NAS box, the WD MyCloud is one of the most common, if not the most common home NAS box.

SMB1 is not used anymore because of security issues (wannacry). Personally I would rather give up browsing for samba shares instead of exposing my system to that issue.

I could understand tightening up the security of OSMC’s SMB server but I’m not sure what is gained by making OSMC’s SMB client dysfunctional if the external server that it’s connecting to has perceived security issues. I assume that’s not actually deliberate. In any case, it’s not the connection to the share that’s refused – that continues to work after setting the “max protocol” back to SMB3, and I can make a new connection by entering the whole address string manually (now that I know what it is). It’s just the client’s setup browsing that’s disabled, which doesn’t make sense.

I suspect that when the Samba developers tightened the security, the Kodi developers tried to encompass the change and broke something that’s not directly related to the security of the client.

Does the browsing work for other people when the “max protocol” is left at the SMB3 default? If so, what are you connecting to, out of curiosity?

That’s not correct.

Samba is a mess – but it’s not Kodi changes that make it so.