Can OSMC help against Covid 19?

After watching a topic on tv about how to find a vaccine for Covid 19 and how we at home could help I downloaded a small program on my windows laptop from the Website They are looking for more computer power.

This is from there website:

“Folding@home is a project focused on disease research. The problems we’re solving require so many computer calcul­ations – and we need your help to find the cures!”

The program can run while your computer is idle or while your working but because I don’t leave my laptop on during the day I thought that it would be great if I can run this on my Vero 4k and also on my Raspberry Pi running OSMC. There always on and mostly idle throughout the day. And that goes for all of us here in the forum! So my questions are:

Can we run it with OSMC without interfering to much with the main function as Media Player?

Does it have a strain on the CPU?

If possible how do you implement it and configure it for best setup?

I am not a linux wizard but can follow directions given by those who are, So if anyone knows the answers let me know and maybe we can all help a litllebit finding a cure.

Thank you.

Supporting foldingathome with a Raspberry only make sense when you give it all CPU Cores and the GPU and then even you would need to have a cluster of Pi’s to make any real difference

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What’s the use of this?
It already has issues with some add-ons like Netflix.
Even if all raspberry pi’s do this, you would only cause more problems due to the large network footprint for the little computing capability.
You can help better by staying inside, wearing a mask when you have to go outside, clean your hands and depositing an amount of money every month to speed up the research .

You can install it on your device – but it would tax the CPU quite aggressively and may impact playback performance.

I don’t think it’s our role to ship and include this on systems by default

It was never my intention to to ship it as default I thought it would be nice to run it as an option. Apparently it is not to be. Just thought I’d give it a try and ask.

Thanks anyway

You can run it on your devices, but it could cause some performance issues with general media center duties


The simple answer is it can’t, the device does not have a gpu that is powerful enough.
You need a high performance amd or nvidia gpu and more ram than our devices has.

You could install boinc and run seti@home (find life in outerspace): Raspberry Pi BOINC Tutorial - Pi My Life Up but you can’t run rosetta@home (Rosetta@home) which is the project that does covid calculations.

the f@h client not only uses GPUs. everbody can support this project, even with one cpu-core. :wink: