Can Sabnzbd be installed on Vero4K?

Looking to reduce the file transfer time from my PC to the storage attached to the Vero, can sabnzbd be installed and run on the Vero?
I saw some threads from 2015 and '16 that looked like it was being looked into but didn’t see anything else on it or guides.
If there’s a guide or a link, I’d appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

I know NZBGet has support for some ARM devices not sure if vero is one of them

It says Pi2 but should also work fine for Vero4k

Yes — it can be installed

Thanks guys. If it’s as per the instructions that ActionA listed…I may need more coffee as that looks a bit more involved than installing from the app store kinda thing :slight_smile:
If it works, I’ll certainly look into that and follow the steps and give it a go.

I wonder how long it takes for the 4k to unpack and if needed repair a UHD remux. I’m guessing hours?

No idea I’m afraid. But if you have some info, let us know.

Remuxing is a fast process.

I was talking about unpacking the discussions to media

It will depend on number of archives.
I don’t know how bad it will be – maybe some others can advise.