Can’t install addon video database cleaner

It won’t install on my Vero 4K.
Works fine on my windows Kodi and also an older Chromebook running libreelec.
Had this on 17.6 and now also on latest update.
It’s a program app from the official repo. And I always found it did wonders in speeding up database cleanup compared to the buit in.

Anyone experience with it before I start making logs.


We will need to see debug logs to see why it isn’t installing.

I didn’t think that was in the Kodi repro (at least currently). Are you trying the 0.6.1 version that is found here…

Apologies, you are correct. It’s not in the official repo (was a long time ago). I see that the latest version I tried was 0.59.1.
I’ll try the 0.6.1 and report back.

EDIT : you sir !! thank you very much. 0.6.1 installed immediately.

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