Can’t put a fantart on certain serie


Why on some series I can put a wallpaper image and on others it doesn’t work? Yet I add well the banners and fanart on both, all the same.

With fantart / wallpaper :

WithOut fantart / wallpaper :

Any ideas?


Are you using TVDB as the scraper for these shows? You may need to check you are using the updated 3.2.0 version of the scraper. For some shows you may have to also pull up the information page for the show and click on the refresh button. Even with that you may still have some issues with TVDB that you may just have to wait for them to get worked out.

Alternatively you can change your scraper for TV shows over to TheMovieDatabase and rescan at least the shows you are having issues with.

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Thanks for your answer @darwindesign :wink: good for the series I use “The Movie Database” or TVDB 3.2.0 and I updated too.

I made a video for you to understand.

That is not a scraping issue, but rather more of a quirk of the way the database works. I assume that the fanart actually works correctly when you go to the “TV shows” section but it is only missing in the “Videos” section, correct. If that is the case then the issue is that your database has a file location for that show from more than one folder. Unless you have the ability to manually edit the database (which I will not be giving instructions for, sorry), and you really want to fix this, then you would have to set the content for the current folder to “none” and let it remove all the entries for that show, and then rename the “American Dad!” folder to whatever it was previously named including the full file path (previous location) and recrape it from there. I am not aware of any other methods to correct this.

It dawned on me that there is another way to work around this if having the images in file more are important to you without going through more extreme measures. If you put images called “fanart” and “poster” in the top level folder of a TV show the “videos” section will display those images there instead of whatever is set in the database.

To answer you, yes it works perfectly in the “TV Series” section, why didn’t I think of it instead? Lol

I will try to fix the database via SSH tomorrow, I have the skills to do this task. I choose this option because i don’t want rescan all episod it’s so slow :stuck_out_tongue:

So maybe it’s a bug to fix for a future version?

Thank you for your precious help;)

The bug is with Kodi, and it is not platform specific so it is not something the OSMC team would be looking to fix. Unfortunately database work seems to be lacking in Developers over at Kodi and has been for many years so i’m not sure how much love this little glitch that most people have probably never seen would get. This is the first thread I remember ever seeing anyone even post about it.

And your very welcome.