Can the attached TV effect my Vero 4k+

I have two Vero 4K+'s, one in the living room, the other in the bedroom, both on the same versions of code, both attached wired to the same LAN, both with pretty much identical setups.

The unit upstairs was becoming troublesome, rebooting after playing a tv episode when i clicked stop, not booting (just the red cross) just lots of niggles.

I moved it downstairs to re-flash and it worked perfectly. So i took the living room unit and moved that to the bedroom and the issues started on that unit!.

So the problems only exist when either of the units are connected upstairs - strange.

I’ve tried it powered from the adapter and via a USB port, just in case it was being supplied the wrong voltage - no difference. So I’m looking at the Samsung TV as the culprit, is that possible?

It’s worked fine upstairs for years and only in the last few months started playing up.

The TV is about 7 years old now, so could do with an update to be honest, so if that was the case, them not a biggie.

To clarify: have you swapped the power supply upstairs with the one downstairs to rule out a PSU issue?

I don’t recommend powering the device via USB. Usually that is just for testing.

It’s pretty tough to swap out the PSU upstairs, to keep things “neat and tidy” for the boss, all cables are fed through from a hole in the wall from a store cupboard on the other side of the wall! That’s why I tried it using a USB -A cable to test with first.

Happy just to buy a replacement PSU and give it a go, I’m sure I’ve seen the specs listed in other threads.

What’s attached to the Vero? I’m assuming you unplugged the PSU before attaching the USB?


Currently it’s just the PSU, when I use the USB power, I remove the PSU connection before I connect the USB,

Just before I go off and splash a few hundred quid on a new TV (but 4k would be nice upstairs too - lol) i’ll grab a new PSU.

They don’t show in the OSMC store when browsing accessories but a link on another thread gets you too them, do you still have stock of them Sam?

Yes they are still stocked

You can grab them here;


Any stock issues with the UK power supplies, ordered last Thursday and still shows as “Processing”?

No - everything on the store is fully stocked. I checked the order.

This will go out tomorrow for delivery on Friday.

Your order notes were requesting a Vero V so the order was flagged up for me to review before shipping. Someone thought there might be an outstanding ticket or that it needed to ship with something else.