Can the Vero 4K+ be HDR in the skin?

Is it possible for the GUI and skin in OSMC to be in HDR?
I would imagine the gradient over the fan art would look much better and the TV wouldn’t need to switch when going from GUI to video.

I can’t envision the GUI looking better, although this is theoretically possible.

EOTF signalling doesn’t cause a delay, but switching resolution and refresh rate does; which is unlikely to be mitigated unless you run your GUI at 4k24 (not recommended).

The GUI is currently scaled; so it’s best to keep things at 1080p as your TV will likely have a better scaler


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Thanks for the reply Sam.
I notice banding in the gradient of the default skin over the fanart.
I know the visual difference maybe trivial for some but I was just curios.
I guess it’s not so much of an HDR thing but rather a bit depth thing.
If the skin could be 10bit I would imagine the gradient would look better.
I said HDR because 10bit seems to be the standard for HDR, and this could be done at 1080P, it doesn’t need to be 4K.
If not, no biggie, I’m just curious.

You could try changing the range control which may give some assistance