Can the Vero 4K+ play my DVD/BD rips

My old Dune HD has died so I’m looking for a replacement.

I have many DVD and BD rips made over the years and stored on my Synology NAS. The DVDs have been ripped using mainly AnyDVD into VIDEO_TS folders (some PAL, some NTSC) and I’ve quite a number of ISO files as well. The BDs have been ripped mainly with MakeMKV into MKV files and some ISO files. There’s a fair number of MP4 files downloaded from YouTube and get_iplayer.

Is the Vero 4K+ suitable for me?

Yes you will be fine

A minor thing to be wary of is that it often can’t reproduce blu ray disk menus. Playing the main feature from an ISO or folder image is easy enough, but finding a specific “extra” can be a bit of a pain.

Indeed. Menus that use BD-J might be an issue. You will always be able to play the feature itself however.

Do let us know if you have any questions.

Is this something that may get updated in the future? On my pi 4 running Libreelec I was able access the menu on some BD rips but those same rips don’t work on the Vero.

That shouldn’t be the case.
LE does not support BD-J menus at this time (to the best of my knowledge).

Not out of the box but you can install the necessary java libraries from the command line.

You’ll be able to do the same on OSMC then. I didn’t include it by default because the results didn’t seem very good. But if it works well enough for you on LE then it will on OSMC too.