Can Vero downconvert UHD to HD?

Odd question, but I’ve got several movies I love that have Atmos mixes, but ONLY on the 4K bluray releases. It’s going to be quite a while before I upgrade my projector. In the mean time, can Vero play those 4K files (say ripped to mkv) on an HD projector?

Yes – if you have a 1080p or 720p projector, Vero will output at that resolution.


Thanks Sam. Just to clarify, it will output that resolution even if the source file is 4K? I’d test it but I need to buy a new drive for the rips, which I’d rather wait on if Vero can’t downconvert them anyway.

If it’s a 4K file and you only have a 1080 TV, it will output at 1080. You may need to adjust contrast/brightness as there is no standard for HDR -> SDR conversion.


If you play a 4K file and have a full hd tv (1080p); Vero will send a 1080p signal.

You can also rip the UHD, extract the Atmos track, then rip the BluRay and replace the main audio track with the Atmos track. Most UHD/BluRay combo packs have the movie made from same 4K master, so the audio track will sync up perfectly.

Brilliant, wouldn’t have tried that. Great to know Vero can downconvert regardless. Thanks guys!