Can vero read HFS+ Harddisks?

can vero read HFS+ Harddisks connected via usb ?

it appears so from here

OSMC Samba Permission Issue Mac - SOLVED

but if you want to write to it ???

Linux only has read-only support for HFS+ Journalled disks. (Yes there is a way to force it to mount read/write but you will almost certainly cause data corruption doing so)

I believe read/write support is possible if you format the HFS+ volume without journalling enabled. (Which can be done in disk utility)

If this is for an external media drive that you want move between machines you might be better off formatting it in exFat.

well, this is for an existing external media drive 3TB, moving all the the files to exFat would be possible - but not very comfortable …
thnx for your answers :wink: