Can Vero V as a secure video set top player with webpage distribution

I am not sure best category for this but since it what i want to do with Vero V ? feel free to move it if there is a better place? Thanks
Sam N we spoke about this a few years ago about playing files online with some security and less online constant streaming for my therapeutic nature film work .
Any help thoughts from people would be appreciated re Vero V ability to help with this.
Others may want to do this for sharing there own films content etc in a secure way?

  1. Can Vero V be easily set up as a secure video player pointed as a webpage of video distribution
  2. Can Vero V it be setup as a set top player that stores the files for next replay for long play users?
  3. Can this work well for 4K to 8K photo file jpeg slideshows? - as having it work in one place is best without internet apart from checks for subscription or new files every so often?
  4. Being able to choose alternative music tracks would be an interesting extension to slide shows and films maybe ?

Background for me is I had Vero 4Kfor 6 years as a standalone player with special confluence adapted skin with encryption on the SD card files but had trouble loading this program efficiently and getting issues sorted as I can’t afford to pay much for help starting from an artists income base and covid shutdown of health visiting.
As an nature artist filmmaker I want to therapeutically offer my work online and keep files secure. Apparently this can be done with some kind of webpage library with an online security code exchange so people can’t just copy the work?

The issue for me is my work is therapeutic nature 4K and people want it running all the time in health places or at home compared to film watchers who watch a film once or twice.

How to reduce the cost of fully reliable bandwidth to me and the issue of playback speed glitches of service via slow or poor connection etc with constant 4k streaming( therapeutically a messed random playback glitch does not help people chill- so it will irritate the viewer and goodbye customer or even worse bad reviews.

One solution would be for them to have a Vero V and the files will get stored first time round and played from the hardware like a set top box if they are a steady user.
All the presentation GUI would still be on the online webpages and adapted modified easily with new content showing up.

So again

  1. Can Vero V be easily setup to do the first part of just being dedicated to a web site page(s) and have secure tokens as would happen on a PC mobile device etc? What steps are involved in doing that?

  2. What’s involved in setting up the V to save and play download versions of files for next time the person wants to view. Health places don’t want to buy pcs to do this unless it a one screen thing maybe.

  3. Can 4K good quality picture slide shows also work

  4. Being able to choose alternative music tracks would be an interesting extension to slide shows and films maybe ?

I’ll think about the best approach and get back to you shortly.



Sorry for the late reply.

If you want to encrypt content end-to-end and have it secured properly, you could look at using Widevine. Vero V has Widevine L1 CDM and HDCP2.2 keys burned.

But this may be overkill for your use case.

You could use something like LUKS. From what I remember, you wanted local storage. However, you’d be better off with your files on a remote server somewhere where they’re secured, and using HTTPS authentication to access these files. Then you’d lock the Vero down so it can’t access the command line or be logged in to, and disable UART and uSD and USB storage interfaces. This would be quite trivial to achieve.

Showing web pages no – but it can play files from a remote web server, and you could use password based authentication.

That’s a whole DRM system, think BBC iPlayer. This would require a lot of work and won’t be a plug-in solution.

Currently limited to 1080p, but watch this space.

This would be an extension to Kodi for slideshows. But you can already change tracks for films without issue.

A different way to do this, and have 4K slideshows would be:

  • Encode the slideshows as 4K videos which we can render without issue
  • Add multiple audio tracks. These can then be changed on the fly as it would be considered a video.

Hope this helps