Can we boot to Emby Theater and NOT use the Embycon plugin?

I have been having terrible stability issues with the Emby plugins and I only serve my media via emby server now. All my other devices just use the emby theater app now and I would like to do the same with my Vero4K+.

Maybe my search skills are as good as I though, but I cannot find a way to do it. I can’t seem to boot off a sdcard with an ARM based distro and I don’t know how to sideload it to the vero and make it the default interface.

Is this possible?


I’m not sure what the Emby theatre app is but assume you wish to avoid using Kodi directly.

I suspect you would be better off asking on the distribution’s forums. I suspect that Armbian would work; but you will likely not have hardware video acceleration.

I’d focus on getting this solved instead as it should be much easier to do so than setting up another operating system with good playback.



This became a moot point now that my daughter decided to buy a Firestick with her own money. I tend to not support juggernauts like Amazon, but my teenage daughter has no such qualms.

I do wish there was a dedicated Emby client though. I do appreciate the configure everything in one place and the clients just work.

Just had a browsing session to get to know what Emby-theater is, and in short it’s electron based Emby-client and needs a desktop to display on, which OSMC doesn’t have. We might have better luck getting with an Kodi-addon for Emby, official or non-official. Since going into Desktop, then you are better of using some other OS. And Sam would know more then me, if that’s even a viable solution.