Can you "clone" a Vero 4k+ and use it to setup another?

Im setting up two Vero 4k+ for my lounge at work. Im not that familiar with Vero and Kodi, but i was wondering if there was a way to clone the first one and use that “image” to setup the other one?

Im talking everything: Sources, add-ons, skins, config, the whole thing. So that the only thing i have to do when i power on the second one is set a different hostname and IP.

Or do i just need to do everything twice?

You can go to My OSMC -> Backup and restore it on the other device.
Alternatively, you can copy the entire ~/.kodi userdata directory.


Thanks for the quick reply!

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On the old vero4k:

rsync -avp --delete /home/osmc/.kodi/ osmc@newvero4k:/home/osmc/.kodi/

Suggest to stop mediacenter on both the new and old one before doing that.

systemctl stop mediacenter

yup agree - you’ll want to systemctl start mediacenter afterwards or reboot.

Update: I set up one of the two Vero 4K+ boxes i bought for work. After the setup was complete with Emby add-on and all full libraries from our NAS loaded (Including all the other addons i wanted) i took a backup of everything (Including add-ons, thumbnails and so on).

I put the backup on a external drive, plugged in box number 2 and after initial setup and updates i restored it from the backup. Everything worked perfectly. After i restored from the backup, i rebooted and that was that.

I completely forgot the part about stopping the mediacenter, however, i did not seem to have any effect for me atleast.

Thanks for the help!


I need to do exact the same clone procedure as you did Almestadius_Maximus.

Can you please tell me witch of the suggested backup sollutions above you choose to get it work?

Seems he used the backup function in MyOSMC from his last post. Of course, if you stop mediacenter you can’t use MyOSMC.