Can you "clone" a Vero 4k+ and use it to setup another?


Im setting up two Vero 4k+ for my lounge at work. Im not that familiar with Vero and Kodi, but i was wondering if there was a way to clone the first one and use that “image” to setup the other one?

Im talking everything: Sources, add-ons, skins, config, the whole thing. So that the only thing i have to do when i power on the second one is set a different hostname and IP.

Or do i just need to do everything twice?


You can go to My OSMC -> Backup and restore it on the other device.
Alternatively, you can copy the entire ~/.kodi userdata directory.



Thanks for the quick reply!


On the old vero4k:

rsync -avp --delete /home/osmc/.kodi/ osmc@newvero4k:/home/osmc/.kodi/


Suggest to stop mediacenter on both the new and old one before doing that.

systemctl stop mediacenter


yup agree - you’ll want to systemctl start mediacenter afterwards or reboot.