Cannot add Share from Synology Box

Hi guys, finally got round to installing and testing OSMC on my AppleTV but some problems encountered.
I have been successfully running Crystalbuntu2 for a few years with no problems but thought I would give OSMC a chance.

It installed fine and is running off the main AppleTV hard drive. the problem i am finding is I can navigate to the NFS share (TV Shows) on the Synology server but cannot go into the folder to add it under Videos.
I can however add my Movies share on another Synology server so un sure what it might be. I have checked permissions on both Synologys and both are identical running the same version of OS too. All are connected via ethernet and not wireless.

I followed this guide a few years back and reffered back to it again and all seems correct:

Can anyone shed some light on the problem or something I can try, otherwise its roaming the internet for an old Crystalbuntu image to get it back up and running which is not the route i would like to take.

Ive had this issue in the past using a RPi and you either had to map all users to admin under the nfs share setting in Synology or you need to set the extended permissions for the folder

Thanks. I figured this out last night soon after i posted.
Yeah, setting ‘map all users to admin’ solved the problem.
Now the testing of OSMC on AppleTV can begin.