Cannot change volume when streaming to Kodi via bluetooth


I just picked up a Vero 4k and connected my iPhone via bluetooth to play some music. My amplifier is connected via 3.5mm jack. Audio plays fine. My problem is that I am unable to adjust volume through the controls on the phone. If I adjust volume to 0 % then the playback is muted, but anything apart from 0 % is just playing at 100% volume.
Perhaps I am missing a setting? I just use the My OSMC interface to set up the bluetooth connection.

Br Eskild

Unfortunately this is a limitation on iPhone.

I can reproduce this on iPhone 12 Pro.

You will need to use the AVR remote.

Same issue with iPhone, and vero remote does not control volume either.
Is there something I should enable ?

That’s … unusual. How is the AVR connected to Vero?

sorry I meant the Vero remote control. post corrected.

So if your AVR is connected via HDMI you need to enable CEC. Settings->System->Input->Peripherals.

With CEC, always expect the unexpected though.