Cannot connect to files on media server

Howdy. I have OSMC running on a Raspberry Pi, and have successfully connected to XBMC v13 running on a Win7 PC in another room for Live TV.

I cannot connect to Movies or Music folders on that same PC using IP address (e.g., SMB://w.x.y.z/Movies).

I get two messages:

1 - Error. Error2: share not available.
2 - Remote share. Could not connect to network server.

But as I noted above, I can connect to the Live TV folder on that same PC with ServerWMC.

I have downloaded the SMB app, have turned on sharing and so forth, but am continually stumped. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

There are several issues that can cause this and have been explored here in several other threads…

I’m so embarrassed – basic folder-level permissions on the Win7 box. Thanks for your help though!