Cannot connect to when running sudo apt update

Hi, since a couple of days now, I notice an error on Kodi “OSMC Update Error: Error installing: Please report this on the OSMC forum”

I opened a SSH terminal to the Vero 4k+ box and ran the apt update command and notice that it fails to connect to

I have checked to make sure that this URL is not blocked within my network. I also tried to access it from an open network with direct connectivity to the internet and notice that this URL is not responding.

If this could be looked into.

Thank you,

Device: Vero 4k+
Updated to OSMCs June 2020 Update Kodi 18.7


I don’t believe this would have been an issue for a couple of days as the issue has only been reported in the last few hours. We did experience some problems with one of our primary APT servers, and we are now re-routing traffic accordingly to avoid this problem.

Please see OSMC Status - Update system not working.

The issue should be resolved.

I would appreciate it if you could indeed confirm this is the case.


Hi Sam, I just got this error about 15 minutes ago and came on here to search. I’ll try a reboot and update again.

Edit: I guess it’s working since it says no updates.

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Glad to hear. Any problems, let us know.

Thanks. I noticed it wasn’t a new firmware update was it just some small fixes?

No updates since June, unless you’re testing Buster.
Next major update will be announced on the blog, which will likely be Buster and Kodi v18.8 which is tentatively scheduled for 18th Oct.

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Thank you, Sam. Yes, it is working now.

My kids are the main users of this box and they have been complaining of an error popping up. I finally got some time to check today and this is the one I saw. I just went through the logs and the other error was for the SD Card running out of space as the backup is saved there.

Thank you again,

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