Cannot connect to the database, hangs on .avi

I keep getting a “cannot connect to the database, would you like to keep scanning” message, and then it hangs on .avi. I scanned my files and I don’t seem to have a .avi file hanging around, but there are a lot of files to be scanned. Does anyone else experience this problem?

By “.avi” I don’t mean the extension. It seems to be the filename, as the scan also gives the full names of other files.

My guess from what you told:
Probably that file uses special characters which is why it won’t show up on your screen.
This database connection issue most likely is the music video scraper, this one is currently broken and you can disable it.

Thanks. As file naming is done mostly automatically, this could very well be the case. From your answer it seems then that it is not even sure that it hangs on one particular file then. I’m not storing any music files on this particular storage, so problems with the music video scraper are less likely.

Suggest you enable debugging and provide logs.
OSMC has the easiest method of providing logs of any Kodi distribution we know of. We show you what to do here Please follow those instructions because without the information they provide, we really can’t do anything to help you.

Providing no logs forces me to guess :wink:
Automated= /sickrage/headphones/couchpotato/…?

Sickrage (and alikes) do have the option to update Kodi (per show) and if that fails Sickrage enforces a full library update, which includes folders with settings music videos/music/tv shows/movies

Thanks fzinken for the link. I’ll try to create logs and then get back here. Thanks Morte. That could be a problem as well. Sickbeard does some updating of the library, and, as updating happens quite often (subjective experience), the problem could indeed just be an update failure (and a restart, and a restart etc.).