Cannot delete files from my Raspberry Pi 3

Hi all,

I’m using the latest version of OSMC and the Confluence skin. Also using a Harmony remote which works very well. Under System>Settings>Media>General I have checked off Allow file renaming and deletion.

If I go to Videos>Files>Files and select my external hard drive HDD>My Movies and select a movie the fly out on the left does not have an option for delete. I’m not sure how to bring up a context menu with the remote.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Go to settings, change to expert level then Media - General - Allow file renaming and deletion

Yes, as I said, I have done that.

Must have missed that, so your problem is you don’t have a button to open the context menu on a file?
If there is no button configured for that (have you tried all) just install keymapper addon and configure a button for it

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I used the keymap addon and it worked perfectly. Thanks for your help!

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