Cannot Detect UPnP Media Server with OSMC

Hello everyone, I was a long time user of Raspbmc on a raspberry pi B/B+. I recently bought a raspberry pi 2 and seeing as though Raspbmc has somewhat evolved into OSMC I decided to load OSMC on the Pi 2. I loaded up OSMC and one of the first things I did is go to add my UPnP media server as a music/video source. I have a raspberry pi B+ running a minidlna UPnP server that is only around 4 meters from the Pi 2 I am using for OSMC. When I used Raspbmc I had zero issues with this setup as when I went to add it as a source I would navigate to UPnP devices and “Raspberry Pi Server” would pop up almost instantly and I could add it as a source, however this is not the case with OSMC. When I navigate to Music>Add Music>Browse>UPnP Devices my minidlna server does not come up. I have determined this is not an issues with the server because the B+ running raspbmc (which is sitting directly beside the Pi 2) has no issue communicating (and finding) the UPnP server. I have also determined this is not an issue of not letting it search long enough as I left it to search overnight (10 hours) and nothing popped up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get OSMC to find the UPnP server and add it as a source?
Thanks, The_Snowman