Cannot download film, tv or music information in Leia Kodi 18

When Kodi 18 (on a RPi 3) tries to download film, tv or music information the message “cannot connect to remote server” appears. The RPi3 device is on the local network as it can stream content from Youtube or Amazon VOD using the appropriate Kodi Add-ons. The kodi logs are loaded at Thanks for any help.

The majority of the files cannot be found.

23:38:25.978 T:1765552880 WARNING: Process directory 'smb://BRIGHTBOX2/USBBacup/Music/Amazon MP3/Duran Duran/' does not exist - skipping scan.

Are you able to ping BRIGHTBOX2 from the Pi? Is the share still available?

On the files that it does find, it can’t find any information.

23:23:23.898 T:1800401648 WARNING: No information found for item '/media/USBBacup/BBCIplayer2/Sex__Drugs__Rock__Roll_-__b01sd320_default.mp4', it won't be added to the library.

Try renaming some of the files to the correct format and see if that helps.


That makes complete sense.

I was thinking about the problem in completely the wrong way. I was thinking there was a problem contacting the server containing the (meta?) data about the films, whereas the problem was I had in my Kodi video file list a link to an old, defunct link to a removed server that used to contain the video files but no longer does.

I removed the link as you suggested and the problem is fixed.