Cannot fill in video and music mysql database config during clean install wizard

I have just done a clean install from the 04-2019 image. I would like to use a fresh database setup on a NAS with MariaDB 10.
When I try to indicate that I want this during the installation process, I can only tick the boxes of the two databases but no additional fields become visible/active to fill in the actual details such as host, port, user & password. Also once the setup is complete, I cannot fill in the details using the OSMC menu > networking > MYSQL dialogue.
Is this a known bug? The fields used to show up upon selection of the database tick boxes.

I tried to adapt the advancedsetting.xml manually, but this did not work either as no new databases or tables were created upon importing some music albums into kodi. The import was successful but the data was stored locally only.
Any work arounds?

This is a known issue since v18 arrived. MyOSMC is undergoing a refresh for this and other unrelated issues and improvements. You can always edit advancedsettings.xml as was historically the method for configuring a shared database setup.

This is fixed in the next release.

ok perfect. I’ll try to configure the connection using the settings xml and post if that works later today

The solution of the advanced settings also does not seem to work. I followed the database setup guide from Kodi main and I can connect using telnet to test the connection from within the same network (both kodi, the server and my test machine are in that network). Yet, when I import music, no changes are made to the database server at all. Yet Kodi does index the music from the share correctly (same server as DB). Any thoughts?

Logs will indicate the problem with your advancedsettings file.

Ok. Sorry to ask but which logs am I looking for? (path/name?)

Following these instructions will provide a link that includes the advancedsettings.xml as currently configured as well as Kodi logs that will indicate if it’s loaded or possibly why it isn’t.

Thanks for the pointer (shoudl have thought about that myself). I’ll read and get back once I have more

I found the error. I mistyped the advancedsettings.xml name. Thank you so much for the help!