Cannot get sound via audio jack

Maybe i’m missing something in settings but I cannot seem to get audio working using a normal 3.5mm jack, the audio is being sent via the HDMI cable instead. The audio options I have are ‘AML-M8AUDIO, PCM’ and ‘AML-M8AUDIO HDMI’ and I have the former selected.

And on the same note, which hole is the 3.5mm audio jack?

Use the jack nearest to the HDMI port.

The SoC will output audio to HDMI and analog simultaneously.

This is quite handy as it allows people to use the Spotify web application for example and set two different devices.

This means Kodi never locks the sink and Spotify and Kodi can be used well without having to stop either service.

With no settings changed(AML-M8AUDIO, PCM), audio via 3.5 jack worked for me. The audio ports is the one closest to hdmi port.

Ah I see. Embarrassingly I just had my speakers turned down way lower than my monitor built in speakers. Everything is working fine, this thread can be marked as resolved, thanks.

Happens to everyone!

I spent 25 minutes trying to debug an HDMI problem (no signal) with a Vero 4K development board a few months ago. The HDMI cable wasn’t plugged in to the monitor.

I’m glad it’s all working for you now.