Cannot install Kodi on 1st Gen AppleTV

I’m trying to install Kodi/OSMC on my 1st Gen AppleTV, and it doesn’t open an installer when I try to open it. It unpacks from the dmg file as an app, not an installer, so I cannot flash my USB drive to install it on my AppleTV.

Is there a way to get it to flash my USB drive?

Can you show a screenshot of what you mean and confirm which version of macOS you’re using?

I downloaded from the OSMC site: Download - OSMC

It would download the macOS Kodi app instead. Now I tried it this morning and it downloaded the OSMC installer. But I have a new problem - the installer doesn’t see my AppleTV.

Screenshot shows what I see when I run the installer.

I am using Ventura macOS 13.2.1.

It won’t see your Apple TV – you need to install it to a USB drive.

Thank you!