CANNOT install SMB Server via osmc-market

hallo all

whenever i try to install SMB server in programs>OSMC settings>Marketplace

it asks me if i want to:

i click install it closes (the box that askes if i want to install or cancel) and nothing more
it dont install… i can do this many times, and still nothing
im on the Rapberry PI 2 and OSMC Release Candidate)


also, when i will get it to install,
can i add more users?
fx an “admin” with read and write acces
and “user 1” with only read access

Did you re-image a fresh RC download or did you apt-get update from Alpha4? Did you click “apply” after selecting smb server from the app store?

wiped sd card and installed fresh RC :smiley:

so yes -reimage

Apply fixed it


Stupid me