Cannot load widevine?

This is in the log:
2020-10-15 17:25:18.055 T:3348075232 ERROR: [script.module.inputstreamhelper] [u’ldd’, u’/home/osmc/.kodi/cdm/’] cmd failed.
2020-10-15 17:25:18.056 T:3348075232 ERROR: [script.module.inputstreamhelper] Failed to check for missing Widevine libraries.

Happened overnight with no changes that I know of. Should I reinstall widevine and if so how?

This probably isn’t an OSMC problem, I think there should be some info on inputstreamhelper’s github page, else an issue should be created.

But to be sure i’ll check my Vero4k, and try to install Netflix addon on my pi3. There might be an issue for me since i’m running OSMC Buster testing on both of them.

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OK. Anything I can do to help stroubleshooting? I am sure it worked day before yesterday.

osmc@osmc:~$ ls -l /home/osmc/.kodi/cdm/
-rwxr–r-- 2 osmc osmc 9331116 Oct 2 19:23 /home/osmc/.kodi/cdm/

Try this, settings on Netflix addon -> Expert -> InputStream Helper Setting… -> (Re)InstallWidevine libry

Power (main menu) -> Exit

And try start your addon that gave that error to begin with. (guessing it was netflix)

Yes, netflix. Will try that.

Edit: Worked. Thanks!