Cannot log into ssh

I cannot log into ssh. I’m a noob, please be gentle.

At the Confluence main screen, I click the power button and click exit. At the osmc splash I press escape and I am taken to a prompt asking for a username where I enter “osmc” and press enter. Then I am taken to a prompt asking for A password where I enter “osmc” and press enter.

After entering username and password I am taken back to the Confluence screen. Where did I go wrong?

This is a new installation of OSMC on a new RPi3 with rbp2_20161128. I can find and use my Freenas server. And I’m trying to access a volume of recordings on a Win 7 HTPC.

Well something seems to be wrong with the terminal. Suggest you try to login via ssh and then upload the logs files with grab-logs -A so that we can check.

Catch-22, I was trying to log into ssh. Is there another way?

Nope, you were trying to log in on the local terminal.

Please check following for details what is SSH

Thanks, I managed to get in.

I swear when I followed the local login procedure last night, the password was echoed in stars. Today I didn’t see the password echoed and it appeared to time out and go back to Confluence.

On the last try, I entered the username which was echoed and entered the password which was not and pressed enter. I got in!