Cannot mount NFS share in GUI (works in terminal)

I cannot mount an NFS share, nor an samba share.

I have enabled NFS on my synology fileshare. These days you dont need to edit a file via SSH in synology, they have an option in the GUI to allow the insecure parameter.
I verified that NFS works by SSHing to the rasberry pi, and running command:
osmc@hallonpi:~$ sudo -i
root@hallonpi:~# mount /mnt/
root@hallonpi:~# ls /mnt/
recycle backups downloads homefolders mounted upload
@eaDir code encrypted lost+found tmp
applications documents games media unsorted
root@hallonpi:~# umount /mnt/

So seems to work fine.
So what happens when I try in the GUI?
Well I go to: Videos -> Files -> Add videos -> Browse -> Network File System (NFS)
Here it lists my NFS server with IP
I select it, and get to the next level where it says
I mark it and click it, but nothing happens. The click sound is played but nothing more.

So I figured that I would try samba instead. Not as fast and good as NFS but lets try it.
I go back a few steps and select Windows network (SMB) instead
It lists “WORKGROUP” and under it is my samba server (same as for NFS)
I click it, and get error “Operation not permitted”
There is a username and password required to access to samba share, but I would expect to get prompted for it.
“Operation not permitted” sounds more of a local permission issue.

When I try to access your link that I assume holds som information on how I can give you the exact versions etc I am running I get the error
“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic”
Maybe you can include the relevant parts in a reply here so that I can be sure to include the needed information to get help?


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Try this link How to submit a useful support request
Basically it is the top pinned thread that you see if you press “latest”