Cannot play (some) DVDs

We bought us a box of all the original Morse episodes. The first DVD played OK, but the second one refuses. Just accesses the DVD and then exits. Any ideas?

Log uploaded as vepahibebo

Edit: Realised I needed to provide some more info :slight_smile: The DVD player is a blueray drive for PC use. Asus 1601HT

Edit: Same DVD plays through pur ancient Philips although the conversion from SCART to HDMI does not exectly improve things. Does anyone know if Morse was originally for the Baird system? :slight_smile:

Are the discs encrypted? I would assume so if bought from an official retailer.
Are they all the same region?

I only see an attempted playback for

2022-12-20 21:08:31.592 T:20648    INFO <general>:   msg: libdvdnav: DVD disk reports itself with Region mask 0x00fd0000. Regions:
2022-12-20 21:08:31.592 T:20648    INFO <general>:   msg:  2
2022-12-20 21:08:31.599 T:20648    INFO <general>: VideoPlayer: playing a file with menu's
2022-12-20 21:08:31.599 T:20648    INFO <general>: Creating Demuxer
2022-12-20 21:08:32.770 T:20648 WARNING <general>: could not find codec parameters for /media/Inspector Morse 3/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO

Is Inspector Morse 3 the same region as an Inspector Morse series that does play? Can you upload a log from a disc that does play?



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Yes. I always buy from official retailers. I assume all the disks in the box are the same region. I will try to grab a log from the one that played.

Odd… Now that DVD will not play either… And yet did we watch it twice, over two days.

I tried twice with powercycle inbetween: adodixarox, ahujaxiliq

FWIW: It does not appear to play any DVDs anymore :frowning:

You need to be careful about regions. Some DVD players have only a limited amount of region unlocks.
It happens transparently from the linux os point of view.
If you change the region it may not change back to another region again (crappy limitation by the RIAA and consorts built int our devices. That is the reason I have made 3 piles of DVD’s and ripped all of them to my current library → more than 2K DVD’s).

There is also another issue you can see better with audio CD’s - the copy protection in place. That can break playback too under linux. No real workaround except if the DVD player has some code built into.

Yes. But this is just a player:

I ws under the impression that the region locking happened elsewhere?

It happens in any playback device. I even “briked” my old Kenwood DVD Player as it locked itself into the “no zone” (Was it 0?) and wasn’t able to playback anything else. This one had the ability to change zones 7 times in total.

OK. I will see what can be done to this particular unit. I was under the impression that MakeMKV could bypass this, but having to rip DVDs before watching would be a drag…

I know what you mean. But I had to face the same decision with all the Apple media I had bought.
It is always the find line you need to hold! but once I found a way to get rid of all the “encryption”, it all is fine now!

Yes. Fawlty Towers :slight_smile: loroxojuha
Plays just fine

The problem may be that you can only switch the region on a DVD a few times.

Looks like the discs may be region locked – the region should be on the back or side of the box. I’ve noticed abroad / in some duty free shops even though discs are retail, you can get Region 1 (US/Canada) discs instead of what you’d expect Region 2 (Europe).


Nope, that is not it. I strongly doubt that there would be much point in selling DVDs with swedish/daniss/norwegian/finnis subtitles in the US.

I will see when I have the time to test. I will try to connect this drive to another computer and see.

The region of the discs will be on the disc or the outside sleeve.

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Merry Christmas Sam! The Morse box has region 2 on the DVDs. The Fawlty towers box has no visible region markings. Both were bought from CDON in Sweden.

Total unnecessary you just can use the program" any dvd hd" it will remove all restrictions.
Read below:

Makemkv is the worst program to rip dvd’s or blurays. It is good to further work after ripping or removing region lock has been done by any dvd but before ? Hell no.
They even write themselves in their “About MKV” “Notes”

  1. Please note that commercial blu-ray discs are proteced by technologial measures preventing unauthorized duplication (including, but not limited to, “Cinavia” technology). MakeMKV doesn’t remove such measures, so MKV file produced from a commercial blu-ray disc will not play on a blu-ray player, even when converted back to M2TS format.

So if you completely want remove all restrictions on a dvd or an bluray you need “any dvd hd”.
It removes automatically all region locks + all not allowed options
Here you go

Tutorial how to remove everything: Step 1 start anydvd hd, Step 2 insert disc,
Step 3 anydvd will remove all restrictions, Step 4 you can put disc out and now play anywhere
also you can drag videofiles or such directly from the dvd or bluray on your deskop or you use external software such as makemkv or directly rip with any dvd to a specific folder or as image file
such as .iso etc.

I been ripping dvd’s, bluray’s and 4k blurays since years and I still wonder why there is always the misbelief that makemkv is good to rip dvd or blurays. Sorry it is not.
Yeah you can do makemkv after you removed disc protection completely but before nooooooooo.

But it will play perfectly on anything that is not a blu ray player, including an OSMC device. So it is more than adequate for most users.

Yes but he also was talking about can’t playing some discs on his bluray player because of region code. And as far i know anydvd is the best software in removing such restrictions. Dvdfab as example may work too but they a cheap asian copy of anydvd.

I think he was talking about using a blu ray drive attached to a computer; that’s not the same thing.

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Yes. This is NOT a “BluRay Player”. It is a Blu-Ray drive. There is a picture of it earlier in this thread. It is a SATA unit, conncted to the Vero via a SATA to USB adapter.

OK. I pulled the drive and installed it into a PC running Linux.

localhost:~ # regionset
Current drive parameters for /dev/dvd:
RPC Type: Phase II (Hardware)
RPC Status: no region code set (bitmask=0xFF)
Vendor may reset the RPC 4 times
User is allowed change the region setting 5 times
Would you like to change the region setting for this drive? [y/n]: