Cannot play syfy episode

I have a Pi 2, 32g micro sd, 5v 2amp supply, usb wifi/n & keyboard into a 1080 tv. When I try to play a syfy episode a box appears saying one or two elements could not be played and to ckeck log file for reason, but being new to this I don’t know where to look for the log file. Can anyone please help.

If you ssh to the box I think this is what you are looking for (on Raspberry Pi1)
osmc@osmc:~$ cat .kodi/temp/kodi.log

Thanks very much but being new what does ssh to the box mean.

Instructions for connecting with SSH are in this post:

You can go into My OSMC and use the Log Uploader there to upload all your logs. It will give you a link to a website where your logs will have been posted.