Cannot see other files on ntfs partition

Hi. There are some files I cannot see on my ntfs partition using the Vero 4k but I can see on my Windows 10 PC. Is there a way to fix this?

What files can you not see?

Well the first fix is to give more information :wink:

  1. Did you cleanly ejected the drive from Windows before connecting the drive to the Vero?
  2. Post how the directory shows the files in windows cmd with dir and with dir /A:H
  3. Post how Vero shows the files in the same directory with ls -lah

Sorry for posting without preparing my notes. Let me check again.

Sorry for sounding like I expect an answer right away. You’re right. More info needed to solve this puzzle.
I’ll do those. What path is the USB hdd mounted on Vero? cd /media/osmc?

Automount will be/media/<label of the filesystem>


@sam_nazarko MKVs. 1080p. Not sure if that’s what you meant.