Cannot update library

I have my HDD connected and I can browse through the files but when I click update library. A box appears in the top right for a few seconds with a progress bar and then disappears. I have just reinstalled OSMC, I don’t have any add-ons except a screensaver.

Also the sound isn’t synced properly with the video.

I am new to OSMC, I am using it on a Pi2

Did you properly set the content of the folders? You have to tell Kodi which folders have movies, which have tv shows, etc. in order for the library update to recognize the content.

To do so, go to Videos --> Files --> Add Videos, and select the folder that contains a specific type of media (say, movies or tv shows). Then on Videos --> Files highlight the newly added folder and bring up the context menu (right-click or c-key) and select content type. Then run the library update, and you’re done!

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No I hadn’t done that! thanks