Cannot update - unknown package

Not at all UNIX savvy, but managed to get pihole up and running on my Vero 4K+.

All works great, but once a week I get a notification saying there’s an update ready to install. If I ignore it, I see it again in a week’s time, and if I try and install it, I get the aforementioned error.

It’s almost definitely a file left over from my installation of pihole, and I don’t know how/where to delete it.

Can someone please tell me what directory to head to, to delete whatever it is that OSMC is seeing as an update ready to install?


PiHole will not work well on OSMC.

Your best bet is to do a fresh installation.

Does it still try to bring in NetworkManager?

As far as I can see everything works great with the exception of OSMC seeing a package and thinking it has an update to install.

Unix isn’t my forte but if there’s any logs or responses to commands that would help then I can bash those in!

PiHole has probably installed NetworkManager, which isn’t compatible with OSMC.