Can't access internet after new installation on raspberry Pi 3

Hi, I searched on wiki but couldn’t find answers …I just downloaded and installed today fresh OSMC (April 10,2016) on my brand new raspberry Pi 3. I can ssh from my MAC with osmc login, no problem. I could also run the update program from OSMC but still, Wireless Status keep showing No Internet. the 2 icons on the left of my network SSID turned blue so I guess it means this is ok. For information, I used DHCP. i found some guys recommending to deactivate wifi power saving (config wlan0 power off), which I did from the terminal of my raspberry Pi 3. But still, Status keep showing No Internet. I checked on my router and my Raspberry Pi OSMC is in the same list of connected devices as all my other devices in my home working fine…what’s wrong ? can anyone help ?

This is not necesarry anymore with the latest version

The status information maybe wrong especially if you can run the update.
Suggest to provide debug logs

Please see for advice on how to help us.

Thank you , you were right . All works fine …!