Can't access Kodi Sidebar?!

Hi all,

I’ve just switched to OSMC having been using Open Elec to run Kodi on my Raspberry Pi 2.
I’ve rebuilt my Kodi setup as I had it before, using the Metropolis skin. Everything is fine apart from I am now unable to access the sidebar menu. I used to click left and the menu would appear wherein I could change the view type. I’m stuck with list view on all my menus at present which isn’t the end of the world, it’s just bugging me! Any ideas?

Does pressing left arrow work with other skins ? Maybe Metropolis is bugged? or hardware problem ?
Why dont you get a remote control with touchpad, or remote mouse, and keyboard?
Aliexpress has many remotes to chose from.
I got this: Page Not Found - last week for 1.45euros. (i was lucky, it had a limited offer)