Can't access OSMC shares from Windows 10

I’m not able to browse OSMC Samba shares anymore from one of my notebooks which runs Windows 10 x64 (PC1).

I can browse (and read/write shared files on OSMC) from my another notebook with Windows 7 x64 installed (PC2). My laptops are fully updated via Windows update and OSMC version is the latest available. Ssh works fine from both the laptops.

Searching the OSMC forum, I discovered that smb v1 may have been disabled by a Windows 10 update due to security issues; it is fine for me (and for my PC2 running Windows 7) but not for Windows 10. PC1 and PC2 can do ssh sessions with OSMC without any problem and max SMB version allowed in Kodi is SMB v3.

Other Windows shares (like the ones in PC2) are seen and browsable in the Windows 10 PC. Moreover, typing \192.168.x.y in Windows 10 file explorer doesn’t show any OSMC SMB share in PC1 but works for PC2.

My setup: Raspberry pi 2 with latest OSMC updates, USB HDD locally connected via USB (and automatically shared via Samba), OSMC power supply and Wifi dongle.

Here my OSMC log

What can I do to make OSMC browsable from my Windows 10 notebook?

Thank you for the attention, Kranz

Well first you could try to check/enable smb1 on win10

That would give you back browsing.

If you just want to make it working via direct entering IP and don’t care about browsing you could check the samba server config (/etc/samba/smb.conf) and force smb3 there

I have added support for SMB v1.
I am able to see the shares in windows 10 - but NOT access them.

do I have to disable smb v2 and v3 ?

What error are you getting?
I suggest to check sudo journalctl -f in a ssh window in parallel to see errors