Can't access OSMC's SMB shares after update

Before the update I would just find “Samba Shares on OSMC” on the network, then go into “Storage” which is the name of the external drive mount where all the data is. It would ask for username and password (osmc, osmc) and I was in.

Now when I go into “Samba Shares on OSMC” I can see “Storage”, put in the un and pw, then I get “Failed to mount Windows share: Software caused connection abort” - this is using ubuntu 16.04.
Interestingly if I use my macbook I get a similar result, unless I first do this;
Browse for “Samba shares on OSMC”, connect as osmc/osmc, open “osmc” folder (where I find four empty folders - Movies, Music, Pictures, TV Shows), go back a level then go into “Storage” and I’m in. Only works on the mac though, and only works if I first go into the osmc directory and then back out.

Thanks for any help.

I guess this should help (which a quick search would have revealed)