Can't access shares on W10 desktop

Hi all, since this morning I’m trying to install my new Vero 4k+, but I have no clue what to do.
I come from a 10 year old Eminent mediaplayer which is plug and play. There I could go into workgroup, locate desktop and then my shares and than movietime.
Now I’m struggling a few hours and still got nowhere. So I’m not happy.

I’ve found some SMB network option in browsing. smb:// gives “operation not permitted”
I’m a noob with this and expected a plug and play device.
Who can dumb this down for me?

SMB Browsing (that is part of SMBv1) has been disabled due to security should it still be enabled on your Win10 machine (quite unlikely) you could reactive it on OSMC via going to settings > services > SMB client > and set min and max version

Also you might want to read this thread

If your using windows 10 on the computer you are trying to access:
Set the SMB version in kodi to SMBv3 (both minimum and maximum), Its located in setttings-> services ->SMB-Client.

If your issue is one of authentication then you can ssh into the Vero and…

nano ~/.kodi/userdata/passwords.xml

Put into this file the following with your info (user/pass)…

    <from pathversion="1">smb://</from>
    <to pathversion="1">smb://username:password@</to>

Then you ctrl+x, y, enter, to save the file and exit, then type reboot and hit enter.

You can just type the second path string directly into Kodi’s add source but this method is preferable.

Well, I can see Workgroup now and I can see the PC, but I cannot access it. It takes like a minute and then there is a window with lock preferences. I have no username and password, so I leave it empty, but then it returns.

AFAIK Guest (password less) shares are not supported

Ah. Well, I’ve added a password and now it works. Thanks!

EDIT; well, that didn’t take long. After restarting the desktop “workgroup” is no longer visible and I get Error 2: share not available…

EDIT2: Perhaps I was impatient, Shortly after it did work again.