Can't add video source from Mac in Kodi?

I’ve been trying to add a folder from my Mac as a video source in Kodi but it for some reason it won’t show the folder. I have the folder set as a shared folder and have the SMB sharing option checked but it still won’t show up when I try to add it as a source. Is there a certain way I have to do it or something?

You didn’t mention what version of Mac OSX you are using, but this may be your problem:

Sorry! Forgot that. I’m using Yosemite.

Where is the folder located ? Is it under the home directory of a user or elsewhere ?

Are you trying to “browse” to the folder when adding the video source or are you typing the full path ?

Whose (Mac) user credentials are you using to connect ?

The folder is located in the home directory of my admin account. I was trying to browse to it but it didn’t show up anywhere. I also tried adding it as a new network location but that didn’t really work either. It would only work when I tried to connect it using a different user but even then it still wouldn’t show the right folder even though I also shared it with that user.

Perhaps a relevant question is if you have ever had this working at some time in the past, or is this the first time you have attempted to connect via SMB to your Mac? I suspect it has to do with Apple’s substandard version of SMB since OS 10.7.

That said, this is what worked for me:

Here’s an app that will do the work, linked in the comments to the article:

Depending on how you have your shares set up on a Mac, you won’t be able to browse to them, only enter the path manually.

IMO the easiest way to connect to a share on a Mac is to not manually add a share at all and simply connect to the home directory share - which automatically exists for all users. (But may not be browsable depending on who you connect as)

So for example on my Mac I have a user called ‘admin’ and admin’s Movies folder, eg /Users/admin/Movies is the root folder that I put all my media content in, including sub folders Movies, TV Shows and so on. Eg:

/Users/admin/Movies/TV Shows

Then on OSMC I add a network location for:


You are prompted for the username and password when initially creating the network location - use the username and password for the user who those files belong to, in my case ‘admin’.

I don’t manually add any shares at all in Sharing in Preferences.

Using the path above as a “base” network path, I can then add multiple sources for the different categories, eg Movies, TV Shows and so on for sub folders within the same network location.

Doing it this way you only have to enter the username, password and IP address of the share once, then you can quickly and easily browse to sub folders when adding multiple video sources of different content types.

Okay, perfect. I got it working.

Thanks for your help!