Can't change subtitle position

I like when the subtitles are shown the bottom end of the screen and I’ve just noticed that for some reason I can’t move the position the way I used to. I’ve tried embedded and external srt subtitles too. Changing it in the video calibration doesn’t have any effect.
Here are the logs:
Any ideas how to solve this ?


As far as I know and tried, the calibration settings are only working for the refresh rate and/or resolution you made the settings in.

that means: your GUI is 1920x1080 and 60fps. you calibrate the subtitles in these GUI settings. You play a video with 1920x1080 and 60fps and the subtitles are where you calibrated them to be.

If you play a video with 1920x1080 and 24fps the subtitles do not follow the settings.
You have to change the GUI to 1920x1080 and 24fps, do the calibration, and it works the next time you play a video with this resolutiond and refresh rate.

Change the GUI to 1920x1080 and 23,98fps, do the calibration thing and Kodi remembers these settings for the next time you play a video with 1920x1080 and 23,98fps

Change the GUI to 1280x720 and 25fps (for BBC iplayer-stuff f.i.), do the calibration and KODI remembers…

Change the GUI to 3840x2160 and 23,98fps (for UHD movies.), do the calibration and KODI remembers…

Do this dance for all the different resolutions and frame rates of videos in your library and you get what you want…

You could also edit the file guisettings.xml with all the settings you want or need, but be careful!

That was it mate thanks :slight_smile:

If your feeling the need to adjust the sub position frequently you can make a custom keymap that would give you access to adjusting them without leaving the playing video or digging through extra screens.

That seems unnecessarily elaborate. Just go into the video menu while the video is actually playing.

Ah, yes. That’s true, that’s way easier and faster. Just forgot about it…