Cant connect to OSMC from other device (Kore, Samba, PuTTy)

Maybe the PSU for your hard drive isn’t working properly and it is taking too much current from the RPi and causing you problems there?

I have done some tests…but the problem persist. I have reinstalled OSMC, change hdd, change wifi dongle and does not work.
It happens only with OSMC cause for example if I install LibreELEC it works fine…

Have you tried another PSU? I would do that first

Yes, I have changed the PSU too…

New log? Otherwise just stick with LE. You need to help us help help you

What PSU did you swap to?

I don’t really understand your question and it’s very difficult to refresh my memory when screenshots are on external links that don’t load

[quote=“sam_nazarko, post:46, topic:20062”]just stick with LE

Sounds like we have a solution

If we can’t get any further information and he has something that works, it’s the best one.

It’s reasonable to assume this isn’t a widespread issue.

Couldn’t agree more, with so little information to help the best thing for this user to do is use an alternate os that he can get working.