Can't Control Vero via HDMI-CEC

Hi. Anyone has this same set up? Vero 4K+ -> Marantz SR6007 -> Samsung 4K TV? Can’t control Vero from the Samsung TV’s remote. Do you need logs for this kind of problem?

No in the last couple of months our crystal ball has improved that much that we can now can troubleshoot the magic of CEC communication without it :wink:

  1. Debug Logs would give a clue what CEC messages are exchanged.
  2. I assume you already have powered off all 3 dives at the mains for a couple of minutes?
  3. Does it work if you connect the Vero directly to the Samsung?


Looks like we don’t need to troubleshoot anymore @fzinken. Found out HDMI-CEC for TV is off :sweat_smile: Thank you