Cant do airplay or use send to xbmc plugin for send youtube video to pi

Hi,… I must say the speed of osmc seems much faster than rasbmc was, but I am having trouble sending video to the pi… I have tried both alpha 2 and peposed alpha 3 and I can’t get the send the xbmc plugin (for firefox) or airplay video to work… (I can connect but the video never goes through)

I also used to use ssh tunnelss send content to the pi with rasbmc but somehow this is blocked… I am not sure if there is a firewall enabled (could not find the method of controlling this ) and iptables does not appear to be instealled (that use to be turned off via the raspbmc app but is does not show up in the osmc app) .

YouTube App on iOS does not work for AirPlay, but doing it via Safari still works.

There is no firewall on OSMC

Dear Sam,

Is the situation still the same??? YouTube App Ios not working for Airplay???