Can't export library to external hard drive

I’m having a bit of trouble exporting metadata through the “export library” function to my external hard drive connected to my Raspberry Pi 3B+… I press the “export library” button, and the progress bar starts and then stops before exporting any data. What should I do?

How large is the library?


In terms of filesize, over 7 TBs, and the number of folders is about 1600 movies and 200 TV shows…

That might not work successfully. You might be better off just backing up the ~/.kodi userdata directory.

Are you exporting as separate files, or as one big file?

I would be surprised if separate files fails, even with a huge library, because each file is very small and is opened, written, and closed quickly. With one large file, it combines them all into one giant XML file, and that could cause issues with an external drive due to spin down, caching, etc.

I’m trying to save separate files… I like the metadata saved with each.

Are you sure you have write access to that drive? What format is the drive and how is it mounted.

It is NTFS, and it is connected via USB. Do I need to do anything in OSMC to enable write access?

I’m sure it can be done in OSMC but if it was mine I would just plug it into a Windows box and right click on the folder where you need access, click properties, click on the security tab, and add a “Everyone” user group with full permissions.

Thanks for your help everyone, but I created an Everyone user group, and I was still unable to export…

Enable debug logging. Reboot twice, try to export and then upload logs

Thanks - here they are:

No they are not. Please upload FULL logs to allow us the best chance for helping you.

Sorry, does this look better? I don’t have to post logs often :slight_smile:

could you try running this via ssh and then try to export again…

sudo chmod a=rwx -R /media/SEEMORE

Sorry, that didn’t work either - the issue persists. Thanks for all the help!

Did that command just come back with a prompt after a delay or did it give any kind of messages? Could you go into the file manager (in settings) and see if it allows you create a new folder inside of the SEEMORE folder.

This may be an issue with the version of the software your running. Is there some reason why your not running a current build?

Yes, I can make a new folder… I’m running an older build because I like the Artic Zephyr skin, quite honestly! I’m trying to avoid reinstalling if possible.

The command just came back with a prompt after a delay…

Artic Zephyr 2 is available for current builds but it has to be manually installed.

As for the export issue I am at a loss. The only time I have seen issues is when Kodi cannot write to the disk and that does not seem to be the issue here.