Can't figure out this scraping issue

Yeah I know that scraping issues aren’t really OSMC related, but rather kodi itself, but sometimes it’s due to the way OSMC can or can’t access a resource, so i’ll post here.
My issue is a TV Show, and not an obscure one either. I just added 4 episodes to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This show was already in my database and has scraped fine before so long as I add episode numbers to the filenames. Like most kid show series, I get the episodes from DVDs my kids get as gifts that contain a handful of randomly selected episodes. So I rip the disc, then rename the files to be “episode title 1x01.mkv” For example one of the problem files is “TV Shows\Mickey Mouse Clubhouse\Mickey’s Big Band Concert 2x6.mkv” This lines up perfectly with what’s in But it’s refusing to be added.
I’m reading thru the log and it appears to recognize the show properly, and even extracts the season and episode numbers from the file. I can see the block of log entries that shows the entire episode list for the correct show from thetvdb. I even see the troublesome episodes in that list result from the scraper.

I’ve also tried putting in a specific nfo for the episode that contains the specific url to that episode page on thetvdb, but it still doesn’t get added.

I will upload the debug log in a subsequent post. (gotta figure out how to attach it here)

By just providing the URL not attaching the log itself

I’ve run into properly named files that just seem to refuse to be scrapped. What you might try is renaming the file, like Mickeys Big Band Concert 2x6.mkv. That will force the scrapper to try again.

Maybe the apostrophe is confusing things (but it seems OK with other episodes).

Just tried that (and had to otherwise add a dummy file in the folder too so the scraper would see the folder change) Didn’t work.

One thing that troubles me in the log is entries like:
21:46:19.571 T:1533015024 DEBUG: OnProcessSeriesFolder - no match for show: ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’, season: 2, episode: 6.0, airdate: ‘12/31/1969’, title: ‘’
The airdate is clearly wrong, but i’m pretty sure it’s populating that as a default date due to a null value. The title is also showing blank. Not sure why.

I noticed that error also, and had the same thought. Dec 31 1969 is second 0 in Unix/Linux terms :wink:

I’d suggest that you take this problem to the Kodi forums. I doubt that it’s related to OSMC.

I’ve got a thread going on the kodi forum. It seems to be hitting dead ends there too.

Another user tried creating dummy files with these names and they are adding fine for him. It’s not working on either of my two OSMC boxes.

I just added a file, named exactly like yours to mine and it scraped fine as Mickey’s Big Band Concert.

You do have files in the directory with bad names [Minnie’s Bow Toons (1).mkv, etc.] I’d suggest that you move all of those files to another directory. You also should not need the tvshow.nfo file.

just tried those suggestions and had no change. Moved all of the Minnie bow toons to a subfolder. Also renamed the tvshow,nfo to tvshow.nfo.old. Rescanned and still don’t get the titles added.

I’m curious as to what a debug log looks like when it successfully matches the title.

Move the Minnie Bow (and other files) to another folder, not under the Mickey folder. If they are under the Mickey folder, they will still be scraped as part of Mickey.

I’m suspecting that somehow the name of one of your files in the MIckey folder is confusing things, so cleaning up that folder should help.

As an aside, for your sanity it’s easier to separate your show seasons into separate folders, i.e. S01, S02 etc. It’s not used by the scraper, but will make your life easier :wink:

ok. I’ve moved the Minnie’s bow toons to a new show folder. A user on the kodi forum informed me that those are actually a completely different show. I always assumed that they were just extra shorts thrown in on the DVDs. So I went thru them and tried to figure out the episode numbers for those files and got most of them. I had to stop for the evening because seemed to be offline. When I rescanned this morning, it added the show “Minnie’s Bow Toons” But failed to add any of the episodes. The other MMCH episodes also still haven’t been added with that scan.

I think I’m seeing why these aren’t matching. I copied the episode listing result from the kodi.log and found that for the Minnie’s Bow Toons show, all of the episodes are listed as season 1. Also, many of the tags are blank. Similar with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, lots of blank epnums and everything is in season 1 or 0.

Digging deeper, I downloaded the actual response zip file from thetvdb for this show.
In this zip file, there’s a file called en.xml. This seems to contain the full episode information for the show. This file does seem to contain correct information for the episodes. FOr example “Mickey’s Big Band Concert” shows up with this info:


Mickey’s Big Band Concert
Clarabelle Cow, Pete, Ludwig Von Drake and Chip 'n Dale
The Sensational Six Polka Band plan to play at Mickey Park, but everyone is playing to a different beat, so they use Pluto’s tail as a metronome to get in tune.


The matching section in the response in the kodi log shows as:

Mickey’s Big Band Concert


I don’t know where the translation happens and why it doesn’t seem to be translating properly.

ALl of the XML formatting I intended to show is hidden. I’m not seeing a code option in the forum text editor here, so I’m not sure how to show the XML tags in this thread.

I don’t know also;
Not the same language. Before I scrap files I create my own *.nfo files. For me better for “foreign languages” like my french configuration.
Take a look to Tiny Media manager
you can make your own choices.
Perhaps it’s help

Use the pre-formatted text option <\> in the post editor.

I thought that’s what I did.

Here’s another try
<tag> <tag2>

I think I have a good answer from the kodi forum thanks to user scudlee

You somehow have “Use Absolute Ordering (Single Season)” turned on in your scraper settings.
This is the source of your problems, since there’s no absolute ordering for that show, and even if there were, it wouldn’t match to “2x6” because there’d be no season 2.

You need to change the scraper settings, either at the source folder, or just for that specific show.

(For those playing along at home, the way to spot this in the log is that the has 1 for all the (non-special) episodes, but empty tags.)

I haven’t tested it to confirm yet, but I’m pretty sure I have that option checked and this response describes the problem exactly. So I’m pretty sure this will take care of it.

I can confirm that this fixed the problem Thanks to all who chimed in to help!

Good to hear you fixed it. Please mark this thread as solved so others who may have the same problem can be helped.