Can't find add-on from Matrix repo


I’m trying to install Audio Profiles | Matrix | Addons

Through search, I get I think a previous version not compatible with v19 (python2 dependency)

Tried to browse the Matrix repo directly, but it seems only some specific categories are “plugged” to the OSMC GUI. Cannot access “others->program add-ons”.

Is there a way or shall I zip install?


Audio Profiles is definitely in the Matrix repo on OSMC. I have a Vero 4K+ and maintain Audio Profiles. You shouldn’t need to install it from a zip file. Assuming you are using the default OSMC skin (getting places can be a tad different skin to skin) go to the Settings section and use the left navigation key to open the sub menu. Then go to:

Settings > Add-on browser > Install from Repository > Kodi Add-on Repository > Program Add-ons

Audio Profiles version 2.1.0+matrix.1 should be the third one in the list.

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That’s weird, I do use the default skin. When selecting “Install from Repository”, I had access to four categories and none of them was Program Add-ons. I don’t remember seeing the submenu “Kodi Add-on Repository” either. But I guess I might have overlooked something. Will check tonight.

Thank you for porting that add-on to Matrix, it’s definitely one of the must-haves for my setup!

I also had the issue with only a few add-on categories showing. Here is what I did to fix it for me. Go to the screen where you can choose between “Install from repository”, “Install from zip” etc. and then open the side menu, by pressing the left arrow (it might be different to find in the OSMC skin, I’m using Estuary), and then choose “Check for updates”.

Hey, that was it! Thank you.

@sam_nazarko Possible nice addition to the v19 FAQ?